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1. Will I be seen by the doctor on time?
We understand that your time is just as important as our physician time, therefore our doctors strive to stay on schedule. The nature of our business involves dealing with emergencies on a daily basis, thus these delays are sometimes unavoidable. When it is your turn, you will be given the time and attention you deserve.

2. Does the office maintain a cancellation list?

3. How much paperwork is involved for 1st Time Patients?
A "New Patient History Form" is required for first time patients. You may print this two page form from our website and complete the forms at home prior to your appointment.

4. Do I need a referral?
Patients are required to bring their referral from their primary care doctor if the insurance company mandates this. Click on "Insurance" to see which plans we are considered "preferred providers". If there is any question, check with your insurance company or primary care provider.

5. What should I bring to the office for my appointment?

  • If you have been seen by another facility for the same injury or problem, bring any x-rays, MRI, reports, and or laboratory results.
  • If we are checking your knee, bring a pair of shorts.
  • A referral if necessary.

6. Will x-rays be done at my appointment?
If your doctor evaluates your problem and feels that x-rays are indicated, they can be performed in our office. We have a state of the art x-ray facility and licensed x-ray technologists in our office, and your doctor is trained to read your x-ray.

7. What form of payment is accepted by Fairfax Orthopaedics?
We accept cash, personal checks and VISA credit cards. If we are your preferred providers, we expect you to pay your co-pay at the time of your visit. We expect payment in full at the time of your visit if we are not your preferred providers, you do not have insurance, or the injury is a legal matter.

8. Will the office schedule my test for me?
No. Since our staff will not know what time is convenient for you, you will be furnished with the necessary information, prescriptions and phone numbers for your tests, which you will be expected to schedule on your own. This better enables you to avoid schedule conflicts.

9. If I am referred to you, who is responsible for obtaining the referral?
It is the responsibility of the patient to obtain a referral from his or her primary physician unless your insurance does not require you to do so.

10. What else do I need to bring with me?
If you are coming to be seen for foot or knee pain and you are a runner, we would like you to bring your shoes with you.
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